Friday, June 29, 2007

Short and sweet...

Here is what the latest is in a nutshell.
For all you Wheat beer and Hefeweizen drinkers: Yardbird our American Wheat beer is just about ready, we just need some tap space and a bit more time and it will be ready.

There is a barrel or so left of the Ave Rat, and a handful of t-shirts left, about 10 shirts to be exact. If you don't have one and want one, you better get in quick to get your hands on this batch. We think that we will do a different shirt next year, but that is a long way away. It just might come back for next year's street fair.

Meerkat IPA was brewed on Tuesday, so that will be on draft in the upcoming weeks, probably mid July.

Old Sol Wheatwine is on draft, and very tasty. We have very nice shirts as well. On that note, the Old Woolly Barely wine will be brewed shortly, we are thinking mid July, to be ready for it's December 1st release date, a party not to be missed.

Bill is readying his list of beers to take to Denver, I don't dare disclose the details just yet. Hint one of the beers will involve Coffee. Only natural coming from Seattle, I'd say. In other Bill news he will have a post here real soon, if I can keep him on course, I assure you it will be worth the wait.

We have been a bit busier than normal for summer, keep on coming down, we like staying busy.
It looks like summer might arrive just after the 4th of July, I can not wait, lets hope it stays for awhile. That is the ticker at the moment, keep it tuned here for the latest and most current brewery news. thanks and good day.....

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