Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's all downhill....

The Solstice has come and gone and now the days start getting shorter. To ease your pain we will have the Old Sol Wheatwine on tap and in 22oz bottles for the next couple of weeks at least. We think it is great, if a bit on the hoppy side, but oh so drinkable. Liquid sunshine, we have the ability to put it in a glass. Lucky for us summer still might come here in the Northwest, that is if our collective karma brings good weather. If not we have enough beer to make you happy without sunshine. After all water is our life blood so really we should just enjoy the rain.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm there most weeknights with my bald head and my attempt at Bill Jenkins inspired facial hair, and I ride my bike everywhere. We just had Old Sol t-shirts made and I wanted to get them to the Brewery without relying on a car. I believe it is much easier and quicker to navigate our urban environment on a bike than in a car. I have raced many cars across town and won. Here it the photo essay of my journey.

My trusty steed.

I arrive at the Destee nation headquarters in Fremont
Chris( in the Lazy Boy shirt) how dare he, and Jamie, the master printer hear my plan and think it might be a bit much. Jamie goes to get a trash bag to protect the shirts.
A big box of shirts, I will have a t shirt pic here real soon.
The shirts, in the garbage bag, in the messenger bag. Thanks to Chrome for making these large bags.
Here I am ready to ride to the Brewery. It wasn't too far so I added a big hill and went through the Wallingford district to make my journey a bit longer and more satisfying. The only thing in focus here is my thumbs.
No action shots or shots at the Brewery I should have gotten one of Bill holding up the shirts in joy, next time, next time. I had just exerted myself and the lack of oxygen didn't allow me to think clearly. Photo essays will get better and better. There you have it, the t shirts made it to the Big Time without the use of a car, all that human power I harness didn't go to waste. Come in for a snifter, a bottle or a shirt. Hope to see you soon.

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