Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Beers....

Sorry for the long lag in updates to this site. It is the Holidaze after all. Suddenly you wake up and realize that things need to get done, then your Internet connection goes down and life takes over. I am sure you all know the feeling. Enough about that.
We have a few new "old" beers on tap:
Yulefest Christmas Ale and Tinderstick a British Style ESB
and some new "new" beers:
Damn Spot, a strong Scottish Ale

All of them are very delicious. The Damn Spot is Chris Borgia's first recipe as the assistant brewer. We all think he did a great job with this one. As you would expect from a Strong Scottish Ale it is a bit higher in alcohol and not very hoppy. There is the hop shortage after all, think malty and warming. Our hats go off to Chris for creating this tasty adult beverage for all of us to enjoy.

In other news: Old Wooly our Barleywine comes out on Saturday December 1st, we expect to see all of you there. We will have bottles and a newly designed long sleeve shirt. All other details are being kept under wraps until Saturday, although a few people have seen the new design or heard about it, we are trying to make it a big surprise. We hope you like it.

The Winter Beerfest is the same weekend and Brouwer's is having their Big Woodfest, where they will showcase 40+ wood aged beers from around the Northwest, on Thursday the 29th. It is also Moustache weekend at Brouwer's so dawn your best stache and head on down. It looks like we are all in for a long weekend, are your livers ready?

There you have it. Welcome to November and December folks. Peace and good cheer.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

Much to everyone's chagrin I didn't don a dress this halloween as I have in the past.
stone cold
I decided I would stay a man, a real man, one who consumes too much cheap beer and is all powerful.
Only 4 of us workers managed to get in to the spirit of the day.
the crew
We managed to have lots of fun anyways.
Our ex employee Barry came in with the best costume I have seen:
He didn't win any thing for it, but it was amazing, with a working spout and all.

In other news. The Bevridge Place is having their Cask o Rama tonight, sorry for the short notice, but you should head on out there for 20 or so cask IPA's.