Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Decade arrives

Bill has outdone himself again. Hops, Hops, Hops, oh that aroma. He wanted to have this beer for the Mother of all Father's day Brewfest out at St Edwards Park. We have tickets available for the festival at a discounted rate. Talk about killing two birds with one visit. We started pouring it last night to rave reviews. We will have 22oz bottles available as long as it is on draft. For those of you who don't know it doesn't usually stay around that long, it is a favorite among the regulars. It usually lasts about 3 weeks. Here is the official description:

Our special 10th anniversary beer is the biggest IPA we have had the nerve to make. Almost all Pale malt, with less than one percent each of Carastan and Wheat makes a beer quite pale for its size at 19 plato OG. We added Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops just about every place and every way we could think of - giving it lots of hop flavor and aroma and enough bitterness to compliment the telltale sweetness of the malt. One patron says "It makes you smile so your mouth's big enough for the beer". 6.25% alcohol by weight 7.8% by volume.

So come on in and put a smile on your face, it works every time.

I will leave you with these words of wisdom written on the back of a coaster: "You don't have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude." Who'da thunk.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Let's all raise a pint

Let's all raise a pint and celebrate all we have to be thankful for. We, here at the Big Time are very thankful that we have such a dedicated staff, who work hard to create great beer and memorable experiences. We are thankful that we are almost 19 years old and still on top of our game. Above is a picture of our lovely brewers hand holding up a delicious pint of Ave Rat Malt Liquor.

Malt liquor conjures up mixed emotions and images for people. Here in the U District it is usually a hooded teenager asking for change. Usually the image includes a paper bag, and for others it brings back memories of the high school years before they had grown up and the bottom line was alcohol content, and that foul tasting malt liquor did the trick. I assure this beer will change your mind about malt liquor, it is crisp, refreshing, and tasty. On a hot day we here at the Big Time couldn't think of a better beer. All of our other beers are ales, so this, being a lager, is the lightest beer in our stable right now. Here is Bill(the brewers) description of his fine creation:

Brewed in celebration of the U-District’s most misunderstood denizen, the
“Ave Rat.” Stylistically, it’s a strong pre-Prohibition West Coast adjunct lager, brewed with Pilsner malt, flaked maize, and Styrian Goldings, which blend together into a rich, golden beer that is smooth, refreshing, and only a little bit edgy. O.G. 16.0, 6.25% ABV

I will leave you with a picture:

Be thankful and smile. Bill is.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's this all about...

The idea was to find away to add to the Big Time's ability to connect with the community, and a way to enhance the Big Time Internet experience. A place to tell stories, history, and gather information. A place to talk about us in the here and now. It is our idea that this be a work in progress, nothing is set in stone, and we have no other plan than to see what happens and enjoy the experience. It will continue to evolve as we get more acquainted with the techno world. Don't be surprised if one of us see you on a computer and ask a few questions, about how to add this or do you know about that. Feel free to send ideas suggestions and comments. Write and tell us what you would like to hear about and we will do our best to honor those requests. No we won't name a beer after you or give you free beer, lets just say we will take into consideration all reasonable requests and idea's. We will be adding links and keeping things as up to date as humanly possible.

The beer list will be as current as the previous night. We will not set in stone beer release dates, save the Old Sol Wheatwine( June 21st the summer solstice) and the Old Wooly Barleywine (December 1st of every year) . We however will tempt you with tidbits about what has recently been brewed or maybe even ideas of upcoming beers that are being discussed. We will try to be brief but we have a problem with that so don't hold us to it. We will try to have notes from the Brewer every so often, he is a fascinating man with lots to say, he is also busy brewing, delivering in addition being a father. So let the journey begin.