Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hopfest arriving soon

We brew a Hopfest beer once or twice a year, it is a single hop pale ale. The purpose is to showcase the unique characteristics of the chosen hop. We are about to release the latest addition Mt Rainer Hopfest. A few days ago we had it on cask and I found it to be very balanced beer, with slight hints of citrus. It reminded me that summer was on the way or maybe that it had arrived. Lets face it summer appears to be close at hand here in the Northwest, with temps hitting above 80 a few times. Stop on in for a pint, if the beer isn't enough incentive for you then there is always the a/c.

Mt. Rainier, originally cultivated in Oregon, has a complex parentage, including Hallertau, Galena, Fuggles, and other hops, and exhibits some noble hop characteristics, but is higher in alpha acid (currently 6.2%). The extraordinary aroma is reminiscent of licorice with a hint of citrus. -tastybrew.com
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