Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Perfect Storm 2007

bags of barley
In an earlier post I mentioned that malt prices were set to increase. We don't have a silo, we have 50 pound bags of grain, and a very small room in which to store them. Usually we have about 10,000 lbs of grain on hand at any one time. With grain prices increasing sooner than later Bill got one more order in before a very large increase, the problem was going to be fitting it in to the grain room, or more getting it in there. The room has lots of head space, but 50lb grain sack ain't gonna get themselves up there. Bill mentioned that he had a 10,000 lb grain delivery coming on Wednesday morning, and that help would be appreciated in moving it. The night before he worked late in to the evening consolidating the grain that we had on hand. We left late, he was back early and I got there about 15 mins before the grain arrived at noon. Lucky for us the rain came right when the grain did, well not really, added insult to injury so to speak. Lets just say we stacked, and stacked, and then stacked some more.
more grain
another view of all the grain and our great stacking job.
The grain room
Afterwards we figured we could have gotten one more pallet in, that however would have been a logistical nightmare. We now have 20,665 lbs of grain. I wish I had some action shots, but we were too busy throwing bags and climbing around on the piles stacked to the ceiling.
Bill marked the high grain mark, like a flood line. We joked about having armed guards and maybe a guard dog on hand to protect this very valuable resource, don't even get us started about the hops, those are well protected with a series of booby traps and other scary devices.

On a totally different note, Male Escort anyone? It was dropped in our weekly drawing for a free lunch.
Male Escort?
Give us a call if you need more info. I can't give out all the information here. I don't think more needs to be said except maybe sorry for the poor photo quality.

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