Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a few tidbits

Denver is around the corner. Bill and I will be there to represent all things Big Time. It should be one blur of a time.

Beers On the horizon:

Old Rip had been brewed. Just in time for the drastic change in weather, looks to be a long winter after the summer that wasn't. Expect its arrival in a week or so.

Oktoberfest has been brewed and should be on draft any day.

Our Pumpkin beer, Hopgoblin, will be brewed on Thursday. Look for it on draft around the middle of the month. Also if you are a pumpkin beer enthusiast you should not miss Elysian's Third Pumpkin Beerfest at their Capitol Hill location on the 2oth of October. I wonder if they will attempt the pumpkin cask again. It is always a hoot. Expect them to brew 5 or so different pumpkin beers.

Hop on Pop is now pouring under the name Fresh Powder. Our assistant brewer thought it up, and we agreed what else would a keg of Powderfinger Rye with Fresh hops be called. There is only a quarter barrel of it so if you are interested in tasting this make your way on down soon.

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