Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GABF and some other interesting notes...

This one will be quick.

GABF was quiet an experience, I am still recovering. We did not receive any medals. How this is possible I do not know. Bill makes some of the most amazing beer on the planet. Elysian manged to get 3. Fish Brewing got a gold medal. Look here for a complete listing of all the categories.

Old Rip Oatmeal Stout is now pouring. Come on in for some dark goodness.

The pumpkin beer that everyone has been awaiting should be pouring real soon, I believe that it will be available at Elysian's Pumpkin Beer Festival.

In other news the PI just published this bit of bad news that could soon effect us all.

Lets all cross our fingers that the effect of all this doesn't damage a business and community we all love too much. Gas prices, beer prices, food prices are all on the rise. Lets hope for better production next year. Hops heads hold on to your pallets. We will find a way to make you hoppy.

Look forward to seeing you at the pub for a pint real soon.

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