Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WABL night at the Big Time

This upcoming Monday night all the WABL's are invited down to the Big Time for a rockin good time. For all WABL's with their passport or t-shirt pints will be $3.50. The draft list should be current although Matt's Red Eye and Yardbird Wheat are almost gone. There will be a keg of Brown Bombshell, a coffee brown ale in addition to a Pale Ale that has been dry hopped with fresh hops that Bill's son Keenan picked from their front yard. There is a possibility that the Powderfinger Rye will be on draft.

Instead of the usual raffle where we pick numbers from a hat we are tossing around the idea of a beer trivia event. Chris, Bill's assistant has been tapped to put this together. He has put together other trivia nights around town so he already has experience. Think of it as earning your prize.

Monday night will be the last night of one of our bartenders, Carlos. He is headed off to Spain to study abroad for a semester, he has promised us he will return. Lets give him a great send off. Hint he will be the red head behind the bar. We have a tradition of pieing people on their last day so you may even get to see him get covered with whipped cream, although usually it happens later in the evening.

For those of you who missed the event at the Latona Pub a few Mondays ago we will try to get Sarah to host the trivia night, maybe we can get her to sing again. Who knows we will have to wait and see. She puts on quite a show, it is not to be missed.

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