Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sarah Stole the show...

Monday night was a night to remember, not only was it our Brewer's night at the Latona Pub, it was the kickoff event for their 20th anniversary. That is not why it will be remembered though. Our very own Sarah put on a show that will be talked about forever, especially by those in attendance. How many of you can say you have heard "Papa Don't Preach" sung in the middle of a raffle? Not many I'd imagine. I laughed until my sides heart and then continued to laugh as she finished up her performance with "Like a Virgin". Sarah is our resident Madonna fan, she celebrates all things Madonna and has a year party where all in attendance must be dressed appropriately. In addition to Sarah, we celebrated all things Bill, he brewed a Double Decade IPA just for the event, we also had a Dry Hopped Version that was well liked. If you weren't there you missed out on a great evening. I think it left Bob speechless. Let's just say I know who to call on when I need an announcer to run the show in the future. Sarah. There are pictures, those of you that took them please send them. I used a friend's camera and will have my pictures shortly. Look for the evidence soon.

Sunbreak Blonde Ale is on draft. Double Decade is available in the pint, the pitcher or even the gallon to go, sorry no retail kegs though.

Coming up soon to a tap near you:
Kolsh 45
Powderfinger Rye

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