Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't miss out...

This upcoming Monday is our Brewer's night at the Latona Pub, to kick off their 20th anniversary celebration. Come on by, the festivities start at around 8pm. We will have The Double Decade anniversary beer in addition to a few other beers on tap, think IPA. We have a few shirts to raffle off and the evening will be a grand celebration.

New and exciting on draft:
Buster's Brown ale
Double Decade 20th Latona's 20th anniversary ale
Brown Bombshell

Scarlet Fire shirts are in the works. I should be speaking with the artist in the upcoming days, we hope to have shirts in the not too distant future. We struggled with a design for this beer for awhile, it has been around for so long and has a long history, add to it that everyone has their own idea of what the logo/shirt should look like and it makes for some difficult decisions. I do believe the shirt will rock, we are using the same artist that produced the Ave Rat shirt/logo.

The Washington Beer Commission is having and Oktoberfest out at St Edwards Park on Friday September 14th 3-9 and Saturday September 15th 1-9. We will be represented there. Funny that Oktoberfest is always in September, ohhh how the world works.

Have a good weekend. Bottoms up.

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socialretard said...

Got to try Buster's Brown Ale and the Double Decade yesterday. Both were good, but the Double Decade was really frickin good. It tasted close to how I remember the Decade, but I'm guessing it was tweaked a bit?

Sadly, I missed the Brown Bombshell. Hope to see that again at some point.

The Beer Retard