Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ode to weather..

"The sun did not shine,
It was too wet to play,
So we sat in the bar,
And drank Bhagwan's all day"
Bill Jenkins
For those of you outside of Seattle, it was unseasonably wet and cold over the last couple days for July, reminding me of and East Coast summer, wet and muggy. No worries though summer has returned today, with sunny skies abound.
After a long Thursday that included delivering beer to a few accounts around town and tending bar until closing time, I had the pleasure of mashing in (read lifting lots of milled grain)with Bill. It is hard work, then I filled some kegs. Lets just say it is not as glamorous as people think that it is. They just think its a party all day, I imagine, lets just say it is hard work. We were brewing the beer for the twentieth anniversary at Latona, Double Decade???or we joked around with some other names, Bob's "Barely Legal"? she's not quite twenty one. We had a good laugh. It will be hoppy have no fear. It will be pouring at the Latona on the evening of Monday, August 13th our brewer's night, and the kick off to a week of good times. Come on down, I expect to see you there.

Matt's Red Eye IPA is on draft right now. All Centennial Hops and a descent amount of malt give this beer a dark reddish color. Matt is heading with the family to Hong Kong for two plus years, he will be missed and we are looking forward to his stories upon returning to the states.

We still have Old Sol, while the bottles are almost gone there is a little over two barrels left on draft, and we have plenty of t shirts as well. This beer will age quite well.

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