Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brewer's night

The Latona Pub

One of the Northwest's greatest beer supporters has been Bob Brenlin, of the Hopvine, Fiddler's and Latona fame. This year the Latona Pub is celebrating their 20th anniversary. They have had a series of Brewer's nights throughout the previous months. Each brewery had brewed, with the help/assistance of the Latona staff, a beer for the evening and the month. Always held on Monday evening usually the 3rd of each month. Well attended, with a raffle, what more reason do you need to get out on a Monday for a few drinks, its the new..... yeah you get the idea. I took some photos of the evening, but then got caught up, well drinking of course, that and the batteries decided to fail.
The Elysian crew brewed up a beer, and Imperial Lager using a new hybrid hop, if I heard everything right, the beer smelled like a lager and finished like an ale. They also had an keg of the Imperial Pumpkin that was fabulous, it was drinking very well.

Bill has a special Double Decade, creation, some have joked that you might serve it with a lighter, I think not. Since the Big Time brewer's night has been moved up a week to the 13th of August. This will kick off the week of the actual 20th year celebration at the Latona, it sounds like the week is full of events every night. A Cask night, a old tymer's reunion, a band, Dave(of Elysian) and Nina(of Waterstreet) will work the bar, sounds like lots of fun, plan accordingly. Enough about others. IF you choose one day make it the Monday night brewer's night. With the date change Bill needs to get brewing, great time for the assistant brewer to be on vacation.

The Ave Rat is a thing of the past, until next year????? The Trombipulator has also come and gone. We do have 3 IPA's on tap, and Matt's Red Eye is on the way, while called a Red IPA it is more a hoppy red ale than IPA. Rumor has it Matt is headed to Japan. We wish him well.

now some pics from the brewer's night:
Bob sets the stage
Bob,with the mike
Bill enters at just the right time
Dave, Dick and Bill
Dick talks beer
Drew ponders world domination...

check out the flickr photo link in the side bar for more photos.

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