Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a success.....

Street Fair was a success, thanks to all who joined us for the first truly sunny weather in years. Usually it rains at some point during the weekend, making the beer garden a nice thought. This year it was the exact opposite, it was "too hot" for people, instead of too windy and rainy. I stayed clear on Saturday, with one day off I had no desire to show up, I figured I would get my share of the crowds and the madness on Sunday. We had some unfortunate breaks, of all things to break this weekend the ice machine went out, which meant many trips to Safeway to get bags and bags of ice, talk about irony. I won't bore you with more details, some of my favorite moments and sightings were.

An old man wearing a shirt that put it all in perspective..."got dates?"

Little dogs in the purses of woman in high heels and jeans, should we thank Paris Hilton?

More tie die than I have seen in years.

The familiar smell of caramel corn.

Kids with face paint, adults for that matter, maybe I should have gotten my bald head painted in spirit.

I was also confused at certain points in the day when I saw more than a few people wearing jackets, or long sleeves. I ask you Seattle are we that afraid to shed our winter armor? What is that bright ball in the sky anyways?

I brought my camera which died as soon as I turned it on, or I would have a photo gallery for you all. Lets face it a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks to all who came and joined us on this fine weekend.

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