Friday, May 23, 2008

Upcoming Beers.....

Yesterday I arrived to work, a bit sweaty and late, and was happy to see that we had added a new/old beer to the lineup, Paxton's ESB. Originally brewed by Drew Cluley now of Pike fame. Many years ago he was the bar manager, and guess what he also knows how to brew beer, so he did. I think Kevin was on vacation at the time or maybe they even collaborated. The name, well Paxton is Drew's middle name, there the secret is out. Now on the details. It is a Northwest Style ESB, using Columbus, Goldings and Mt Hood hops. It has good hop character with a solid malt backbone, the original recipe has been altered a bit, Bill likes to tweak things now and again, but the namesake stays the same.

A new beer was brewed yesterday, we are keeping the details under wraps a bit, look for something that we haven't done in the past. I'll leave it at that.....

Diana, our resident hippy, has decided that she needs to leave, it appears she is over the city life and needs to go to greener pastures, think Northern California. In sticking with the theme, that a beer is named after you upon your decision to leave i.e Firecracker Pale ale, Serrano Puzzano, Bill is brewing an Organic Pale Ale and naming it in Diana's honor. A note on the Serrano Puzzano, Sarah tried to leave and then didn't, somethings are just too good to quit, but she did get pink boots and a beer named after her, so it looks like she played it right. Back to this Organic Pale Ale, it will be brewed early next week, look for it on draft in the upcoming weeks. The name will be Artemis, which Bill tells me is the Greek Goddess of the forest and the hills, the counter part to the Roman Goddess Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt. If you know Diana and you followed the links, it all must make a bit of sense, the name that is. Our hippy returns to the forest. I'll leave it at that.

We have almost exactly one month until the release of the Old Sol Wheatwine. It will be released on the Summer Solstice which this year falls on Saturday June 21st. I'll see you all there, snifter in hand.

The weekend before that is the Mother of All Father's day Festival out at Saint Edwards State Park. A three day celebration. We will be bringing the Ave Rat Malt Liquor, the Ryenoceros Amber Rye ale, Paxton's ESB and maybe one of the above mentioned beers.

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socialretard said...

Had the Paxton's on cask over the weekend and liked it. Looking forward to Artemis and the mystery beer.