Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring is most definately in the air......

"Tulips for your tulip," Patrick said as he arrived on this fine day. "Or is it two lips for the tulip," was all I could think to say. However you see it, or slice it up, on this the 15th brewing of everybody's favorite sign that warmer temperatures, longer days, and more sun are on the way has arrived. Trombipulator is here!!!! You should all be making your way, canceling your plans and settling in for a glass or two of this tasty adult beverage. We all know that it doesn't take more than that to help find the silver lining in it all. Look at how happy our very own Beer Janitor is, he is practically glowing, and you will too. Thank you Patrick for adding cheer to our day, we really appreciate it. This moment was brought to you courtesy of the I phone, for without it we never would have had the photo documentation, again Patrick we owe you there, I can just never seem to remember to bring the camera.

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