Monday, December 3, 2007

Wooly Mammoth brings snow to Seattle!!!!!!

That's right, its here folks, come on in and get it while you can. It happens every year, The mammoth arriving, on December 1st with it this year we had snow that actually stuck to the ground for awhile.

This year we have new long sleeve shirts with the above logo on the front. I really like them. We also have bottles, but not for long if they keep disappearing out the front door like they have been. This year's Old Wooly is very well balanced and drinkable. I have heard more than one person say, " it was a little sweet last year, this year it is very delicious." I expect to see you all in for a snifter or two real soon. It looks as though winter has finally arrived and in a big way. Come on in for some medicine, we have what ales you.

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JKdrummer said...

Had OW on a Sunday there. Excellent as usual! Bought two bottles and saw many more sold -- ya better hurry. The Scotch Ale was a winner as well -- I love that style of ale.