Thursday, June 5, 2008

beer and gas....

There you have it folks. This landed in my inbox this morning and I thought it was only appropriate to pass it on. With the hop crisis it looks like the hop heads and the motor heads will be competing for at least the next year for which is cheaper. I am sure that gas will win this race as I have heard it is supposed to creep up to the 5 dollar mark this summer, and I don't see pints, at least in our establishment hitting that yet.

In other news the Trombipulator is all gone, if you got some you were one of the lucky, if not you really missed out. It was one of the best batches I have ever tasted.

The organic pale ale, Artemis, was brewed a few days ago, look for it in the near future. This is another first for the Big Time. The growlers are selling fast, they are beautiful. Stop in and get one.

We plan to put out a new design for the Old Wooly shirts, right now we are trying to figure out if we are going to do long sleeve shirts, zip hoodies, or pullover hoodies. Sound off with what you would like to see. Zack, the ave rat artist designed them and they are super cool.

Old Sol Wheatwine comes out on Saturday the 21st, I expect to see you all there. Come on in and celebrate half a year of rain with us, maybe it will bring the sun out of hiding.

We still have tickets to the Mother of all Father's Day, Brewer's festival out at St Edwards park in Kenmore. I expect to see you all there. Click here for more information.

Just a reminder beer is cheaper than gas, so drink up. For those of you that must know a gallon of gas is 4.25 a gallon of beer is 16.00 at our establishment so maybe beer really isn't cheaper than gas, but I do think that it has more social value than gas. On that note I will sign off, and if you drink don't drive.

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