Friday, March 21, 2008

We are planning...

On having too much fun at the Cask Festival. We love this event.

It's our 20th Birthday coming up in December 7th to be exact, look for us to have a few events in the months leading up to the actual birthday. We plan on bring back some old bartenders, brewing some celebratory beers. How often is it that you turn 20.

We will be playing the NCAA games on our 50 inch HDTV's come on down and watch a game or two over a couple of beers. The Big Dance Imperial Amber is tasty and brewed just for the Tournament.

The Firecracker Northwest Pale Ale is back, inspired by an old employee who embodied this beer in spirit, feisty and full bodied. Which is her in a nut shell.

Trombipulator is tasting good, and almost ready to be served to the masses, I'll keep you posted.

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JKdrummer said...

The Big Dance Imperial Amber was the best cask ale there yesterday. Absolutely de best of the show IMHO! Please make it a regular at BT!