Friday, January 18, 2008

The Maine Thing....

"The main thing is to keep the Maine thing the main thing." life according to Bill. A few weeks back our friend Kevin Watson, of Far West fame, returned from his current local, the Stone Coast brewery in of all places Maine. Bill being a native of Maine, and having many fond memories wanted to brew a beer with him. They brought a little of the East Coast to the West coast in this tasty, crisp adult beverage. Drink up. It has been dubbed an East Coast pale, we threw around a hoppy pale, or a few other variations, but the end result was East Coast pale. They used Simcoe, Liberty and Northern Brewer hops, a little bit of wheat and lots of The Maine thing in this little creation. Topping the scales at 5 1/2 % alcohol.
"Its crisp, hoppy and full bodied with hints of lobster and whoopie pies." tasting notes from Bill Jenkins

Kevin it was great to see you out here. Thanks for leaving us with something tasty to drink.

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