Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sarah's last day.....

Sarah's last day is tomorrow. Her presence will be missed. We are hoping that she has a change of heart and decides to stay. Everyone should keep their fingers crossed, as she is irreplaceable. That would change tomorrow's party from a send off to a celebration of all things Sarah. A thank you of sorts. Who knows maybe we can get her to sing a bit for us.

I have one request of all of you that read this, are you ready, ok. If and when you decide to come in tomorrow PLEASE WEAR PINK. AGAIN, PLEASE WEAR PINK. PINK is Sarah's favorite color, it is mandatory that you WEAR PINK I can not stress this enough. Friday is her day so YOU MUST WEAR PINK.

We have a few things planned and will be pouring something new and different, maybe a couple of different things. Expect whip cream to be involved, what is a send off without someone getting pied, at least once. Who knows remember her favorite color is pink after all.

We would also like to thank all you who went out to the Washington Beer Commission's Oktoberfest out at St Edwards, your patronage of the local festival is greatly appreciated.

Now on to a picture essay.

I had these growing in the front yard:
Hops, glourious hops

Some of you are aware that Bill fresh hopped a keg of Scarlet Fire for Brouwer's Hopfest, that got me thinking, " i need to do something with all the hops on the vine in the front yard." I ran the idea by Bill, and finally got to picking some of those glorious hops from the fence. I thought it would be interesting to fresh hop a keg of the Powderfinger Rye. On Tuesday night we finally got around to making it happen.

First step was to purge the keg with CO2. I hope I remember all the right things to say, forgive me if I use the wrong terminology.

Next I filled a hop sack with fresh hops from the yard. There was a picture, but somehow it got deleted so you will have to imagine what that looks like. Maybe later I can add one.

After that I had to remove the rubber bung and stuff the hop sack through the bung hole, making sure not to lose hold of it. I was a bit apprehensive, but all went smoothly, we could have added more.
Fresh Hop addition

After that I had to hammer the wood bunk in. It is quite loud and takes a few strikes with a mallet to make sure it will hold.
Hammering the bung
more hammering, lets call it insurance.
It takes a couple hits

The finished product. After this we went downstairs and filled the keg with beer. We will be serving this some time soon. Stay tuned.
Hop on Pop

Thanks to all and remember YOU MUST WEAR PINK TOMORROW.

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